Joe Loux. | Thule Bear
Joe Loux sells museum quality tribal art. Joe buys and sells antique Native American, Oceanic, Polynesian and SouthEast Art. He specializes in the art of Indonesia and Papua New Guinea.
Tribal art, Oceanic art, ethnic jewelry, Southeast Asian art, tribal shields, Indonesian, art, New Guinea art, Indian gold, Polynesian clubs, Nepal tribal art, tribal textiles, Southwest Chinese art, Moroccan textiles, Pyu gold, Ainu textiles, Yi objects, ancient gold, Inuit art, Paiwan, ancient beads, Nepal mask, tribal figures
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Thule Bear.

Thule culture, Alaska
18th century or earlier
4.5cm (l) x 1.5cm (h) x 1 cm (d)
Price on request

21 January 2022