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A private gallery in San Francisco featuring Asian and Tribal Art, ethnographic jewelry and textiles.
Tribal art, Oceanic art, ethnic jewelry, Southeast Asian art, tribal shields, Indonesian, art, New Guinea art, Indian gold, Polynesian clubs, Nepal tribal art, tribal textiles, Southwest Chinese art, Moroccan textiles, Pyu gold, Ainu textiles, Yi objects, ancient gold, Inuit art, Paiwan, ancient beads, Nepal mask, tribal figures
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Joe Loux is a specialist in art of the non-Western world. He began his career collecting jewelry in North Africa. As his travels broadened, his interests and expertise expanded to encompass textiles and sculpture. Joe bought what he was drawn to, from the magical to the curious, the beautiful to the macabre.

Today, Joe’s focus has shifted from buying in the field to buying from private collections. He exhibits at prestigious art fairs across America. He is a member of ATADA (American Tribal Art Dealer’s Association) and was formerly on the board of directors. He is a member of San Francisco Tribal, and served as the organization’s president for two years.

Joe works with his wife, Katie Loux who was formerly Deputy Editor of HALI magazine, the leading international publication on antique textiles and Islamic art. Katie continues to work for HALI and Cover Magazines as a freelance writer.

We are always interested in buying rare, and visually exciting objects from all over the world, with an emphasis on the traditional arts of Oceania and Southeast Asia.