Joe Loux. | Joe Loux presents a rare and beautiful gilded copper necklace pendant from Nepal (Newar).
Joe Loux offers a rare necklace pendant from Nepal (Newar) called a tayo. This is a rare type, made from gilded copper that would be worn by the kumari, a living goddess. Joe Loux specializes in tribal jewelry, textiles and sculpture from Oceania, Melanesia and Southeast Asia. Joe Loux is interested in buying antique collections of southeast Asian jewelry and sculpture, and art from Oceania and Melanesia.
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Tayo Pendant from Nepal (Newar).

Tayo necklace pendant
Nepal (Newar)
Late 19th century
Gilded copper
5.5″ (w) x 2.6″ (h) x 1″ (d); 14 cm (w) x 7 cm x 2.5 cm
This sculptural tayo pendant is from one of the most magnificent necklaces worn by the kumari. The kumari is a living goddess, chosen at the age of four by Hindu priests and astrologers –  one of her core duties is to perform priestly rites until she reaches puberty.

Price on request

6 October 2022