Joe Loux. | Joe Loux Antique, Jeweled Indian Nose Rings from Rajasthan, India with 22 karat gold, spinel, pearls and crystal.
Joe Loux specialises in antique jewelry from India. He sells authentic tribal jewelry from Southeast Asia, Oceania, Africa and Europe.
Nose Rings, earrings, jewels, Rajasthan, High karat gold, tribal gold, pearls, spinel, crystal, 22 karat, rare
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Rajasthan Nose Rings.

Nose rings (closely matched and mated to make an earring pair)
Rajasthan, Northwest India
Early 20th century
22 karat gold, spinel, pearls and crystal. Each nose ring has a contemporary 18 karat gold hook attached to adapt the ornament for western use.
The pendant measures: 1.5 inches in length from top to bottom. The width is 1.25 inches in width.
Weight: 8.4g


7 November 2023