Joe Loux. | Ancient Burmese 22 karat gold necklace from the Tircul or Pyu Culture (11th - 13th century)
A rare and highly wearable ancient gold necklace from the Pyu or Tircul culture. This elegant necklace is 22 karat gold. Each bead is a miniature sculpture in its own right. Joe Loux is a specialist in ancient jewelry of Southeast Asia. Joe buys and sells antique and historic jewelry from around the world.
ancient jewelry, pyu culture, tircul culture, ancient gold, 22 karat, Burmese jewelry, southeast asian jewelry
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Pyu or Tircul Culture Gold Necklace.

Necklace of Pyu Beads
Pyu culture, Burma
11th to 13th century
22 karat gold
35g in weight, 22 inches in length


15 December 2022