Joe Loux. | Markham Valley Lime Spatula
A private gallery in San Francisco featuring Asian and Tribal Art, ethnographic jewelry and textiles.
Find museum quality art from Papua New Guinea. Joe Loux buys and sells Oceanic and tribal art.
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Markham Valley Lime Spatula.

Lime Spatula
Markham Valley, Papua New Guinea
Early 20th century
13 1/2″ (l) x 1″ (w) x 1″ (d)
Ex- Peter Halliman
Lime spatulas are used in many parts of Southeast Asia and the western Pacific. They are mostly used to bring lime made of burnt coral to the mouth, where it is added to a mix of betel nut and betel pepper leaves or inflorescences. The resulting mixture is a mild stimulant.
Price on request

11 June 2021


recent acquisitions, sculpture