Joe Loux. | Jeweled armband known as a 'bajuband' or 'ananta', 'angada' (armband) from Dravidian region of India, dating to the late 19th century
Joe Loux buys and sells authentic, antique jewelry from around the world.
bajuband, ananta, angada, Bharatnatyam dancer, Dravidian history, male jewelry, Indian jewelry, silver, enamel, diamonds, spinel, rock crystal, gold, Rajasthan, jewellery
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  • Arm Band or Bajuband from Rajasthan, Northwest India, dating to the late 19th century. It contains silver, enamel, diamonts, spinel, rock, gold, metal cord

Jeweled Arm Band or Bajuband from India.

Rajasthan, Northwest India
Late 19th century
Pendant measures: 2.2cm (w) x 1.8cm (h) x 0.8cm (d). The length is adjustable.
17.2g in weight.
Silver, enamel, diamonds, spinel, rock crystal and gold with metal cord.



7 November 2023