Joe Loux. | Joe Loux rare masquettes by the Evenk people of Siberia
Joe Loux offers two Siberian masquettes made be the indigenous Evenk tribe. They were revered by the Evenk people, and were believed to contain the spirit of their ancestors.
Shamanic art, Evenk art, Siberian art, ritual Evenk art, Evenk masks, spirt of the ancestors, Siberian indigenous people, native Siberian art
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Evenk Masquettes from Siberia.

Evenk people of eastern Siberia
19th century
Left mask: 9 1/4 cm (3.6″) x 7 1/2 cm (3″)
Right mask: 10 cm (4″) x 8 cm (3.14″)

Price on request


4 October 2022