Joe Loux. | A wearable ancient 18 karat gold ring from the Bayon period, Cambodia. It has a carnelian cabochon.
A rare ancient ring from Cambodia's Bayon period (late 12th to early 13th century). It has a carnelian cabochon and is made from 18 karat gold. Joe Loux is a specialist in ancient and historic jewelry from Cambodia and across Southeast Asia.
bayon period, cambodia, ancient jewelry, high karat gold, 18k, carnelian, Cambodian jewelry, southeast asian art
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Ancient Cambodian gold ring with carnelian.

Bayon period, Cambodia
Late 12th to early 13th century
18 karat gold with carnelian cabochon
U S ring size 7. Weight: 4g
Price on request


14 December 2022