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A private gallery in San Francisco featuring Asian and Tribal Art, ethnographic jewelry and textiles.
Tribal art, Oceanic art, ethnic jewelry, Southeast Asian art, tribal shields, Indonesian, art, New Guinea art, Indian gold, Polynesian clubs, Nepal tribal art, tribal textiles, Southwest Chinese art, Moroccan textiles, Pyu gold, Ainu textiles, Yi objects, ancient gold, Inuit art, Paiwan, ancient beads, Nepal mask, tribal figures
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Belt ornament

Gansu Province, China. 19th century

Wood. 10cm in length

The belt ornament is in the form of a monkey perched upon a ru yee form. The ru yee is a symbol of well-being in Chinese culture, and resembles a funghi in its form. The morphing of the ru yee with the monkey is intriguing, and unusual.