Joe Loux. | A rare antique Naga trophy head sculpture with beaded glass ear ornaments
Antique, rare Naga sculpture of two trophy heads with beaded glass ear ornaments and brass bells. The Konyak Naga people live in Northeastern India/ Northwestern Burma. Joe Loux specializes in tribal art, including art by the Naga people of Northeastern India and Northwestern Burma.
Naga sculpture trophy heads, tribal art, Trophy heads with ear ornaments, Naga people, Konyak Naga, Burma, India
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Naga Trophy Heads.

Trophy Heads
Konyak Naga people
Northeastern India or Northwestern Burma
Late 19th century
Wood, glass beads and bronze bells
Top of head to bronze bells: 14 cm in length, 11 cm in width, 4 cm in depth.

Price on request.


14 December 2022