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A private gallery in San Francisco featuring Asian and Tribal Art, ethnographic jewelry and textiles.
Tribal art, Oceanic art, ethnic jewelry, Southeast Asian art, tribal shields, Indonesian, art, New Guinea art, Indian gold, Polynesian clubs, Nepal tribal art, tribal textiles, Southwest Chinese art, Moroccan textiles, Pyu gold, Ainu textiles, Yi objects, ancient gold, Inuit art, Paiwan, ancient beads, Nepal mask, tribal figures
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Burmese Manuscript Cover (Sa-pa-lwa)

Burma, late 19th - early 20th century

Cotton woven over rattan slats

22 inches (w) x 19 inches (h)

This visually dynamic piece relates to the wave patterns found in the traditional silk ikat court textiles (Lun Taya Acheik) from the mountains of Shan State.

Inventory no. 6335

Price on request